10 Bands To Photograph

26 01 2010

Here is a list of my 10 favorite bands to photograph and a couple of words in summary…

10. Mickey Avalon: Unpredictable on stage (photo)
9. Crowfield: New band to me & great music (photo)
8. Black Carl: Emma’s vocals (photo)
7. Death By Stereo: Hardcore from the crowd (photo)
6. Rusted Root: Great vibe (photo)
5. Agnostic Front: NYHC Legends (photo)
4. What Laura Says: Great on stage (photo)
3. Cage The Elephant: Next generation punk rockers (photo)
2. Rev. Horton Heat: Perfect lighting (photo)
1. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers: Always a challenge – Great stage presence (photo)

I am proud of my list’s diversity. Each show was a very different experience which is why they stand out in my mind.

Agnostic Front : Yucca Tap Room / Tempe, AZ

What bands do you like to see live? Have you ever photographed their concerts? As always, we want to hear from you. Leave a comment and if you shot photos of the show add a link to share them.

To view my complete photography portfolio please visit www.grtaylor2photo.com


RCPM : Marquee Theater / Tempe, AZ

6 11 2009

What a great weekend of music. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers delivered rock and roll to a hometown crowd like never seen before.

10/30/09 “When in Rome” Highlights: The band played in full Roman gear and/or togas all night. I don’t know how they managed to do so. The crowd, many also dressed in togas loved every minute of the 2 hour upbeat rocking set. The highlights for me were: “City Girls”, “Louie Louie” and “West Texas Moon” – great set selection. The energy is The Marquee was amazing as everyone was ready to have RCPM play full shows back in Tempe.
photos of “When in Rome”

10/31/09 “Disco Nights” Highlights: Roger and the guys were dressed as The Village People and played all night in costume. At one point Roger said, “I think I found the one thing more difficult to play in than a toga,” about remarking on his chief’s headdress. This set was full of all the stuff I love to hear that isn’t always played. I love Mekong and Nada – don’t get me wrong, but this night was full of old favorites. “European Swallow” to open, “Interstate”, “Buffalo”, “Tributary Otis” and “Persephone”. Just a great night.
photos of “Disco Night”

After one long night of RCPM security started to regulate alcohol consumption and weren’t as laid back and chill on night two. That aside – it was a great two nights.

I want to thank Keara Zito from RCPM Management for photo credentials and allowing me access – I appreciate it.

If you’ve never seen RCPM – go check them out. You’ll probably knock down a few beers and a shot or two
of tequilla, forgot all your troubles for two-hours and leave saying “Here’s To Life!”

Link to my live music photos

NOTE: I saw Lucero and Jack Oblivian last night 11/5/09 and will post photos and a review. Tonight I see Rusted Root and that will follow.

Ear Candy – Music Is The Weapon of the Future

2 11 2009

There are really good things happening here in AZ. I wrote earlier about MADCAP Theaters and how they are revitalizing Tempe with the arts. Here is another: Ear Candy.

I had a chance to meet Erin Friday night and we spoke a lot about what they do and how people can get involved. Go to their website for all the details – but I’ll paraphrase:

Ear Candy collects and distrubutes musical instruments to schools for in-school education and works with programs such as The Boy’s and Girl’s clubs on after-school programming.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with a father that played guitar and a mother who loved music. I associate various events and memories of my life with certain songs and artists. At a young age I decided to play guitar and had encouragement throughout my life.

Ear Candy also has an emerging artists series which supports up and coming musicians and gives them a place to showcase their skills.

Do you have a guitar(or any instrument) laying around that is not played? This is the way to give it a new home and give the gift of music.

If you see Ear Candy at an event (and you will) I encourage you to stop by say hello and see how you can help. (Link to Electronic Press Release Video) – Enough said…

RCPM Back Home For Halloween in Tempe

21 10 2009

From the RCPM website (www.azpeacemakers.com)
[The biggest rock-n-roll fiesta in Arizona this Halloween will be at the Marquee Theatre.Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers return for two highly anticipated performances Oct. 30 and Oct. 31! To help everyone get into the Halloween spirit, each night there will be a different theme.Friday – “When in Rome” Toga Party. Saturday ? 70’s Night.A $500 Marquee gift certificate will be handed out to the best]

I am excited for these shows for many reasons. Besides the shows (which will rock) being home – I am moving back to my adopted hometown of Tempe, AZ that week. After moving out of Tempe – just South to Chandler, a couple of years ago – I’ve been planning my move back. Chandler is good, just not for me and Tempe is home.

RCPM playing once again (almost) on Mill Ave. in Tempe at one of those cruxes in my life. Coincidental – maybe, but probably not.

So on 10/30 & 10/31 – friends will be toasting one another, singing and laughing. “Here’s to Life!” (Photos and show reviews to come.)