About : Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor (GRTaylor2) is a professional photographer that works out of GRT2 Studios in Tempe, AZ. Specializing in Concert Photography, Landscape Photography and Portraits – Greg has an amazing sense of composition and capturing the essence of what makes the moment.

Gregory Taylor is available for assignment and commissioned photography by contacting grtaylor@mac.com


Since moving to Tempe, AZ from Warren, NJ in 1997 Greg has successfully found a way to combine his passion of music, travel and photography. He has made a career of being at the right place at the right time through strategic planning and thoughtful observation.


GRTaylor2.com has been launched to detail Greg’s photo shoots and live music events as well as to chronicle other happenings in his professional. Personal and photographic journeys.

Disclosures and Relationships

Please note that all relationships will be disclosed in this section as it pertains to the FTC’s guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials. Typically when I photograph a band it is either because I reach out to them or they contact me. Either way I am given comp tickets along with my photo credentials. For any further information regrading my relationship with the bands I photography or my concert photography – please contact me via email.

Full portfolio of work can be viewed at: www.grtaylor2photo.com


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