Photo365 Projects

5 01 2010

Here are links to some Photo365 projects from the photographers I spoke to about this post. Check out their work and let them know what you think.

Erin Taylor-Bell’s Project
Devon Adams’ Project
Stacy Ericson’s Project
Allan Saw’s Project

Here are links to where you can find other Photo365 projects – or create your own.

365 Project
Flickr’s 365 Days Photo Group

I want to know about your photo / art projects for 2010 – leave a comment and let us know. It’s all about collaboration! This blog places a high value on collaboration over competition!

My complete photography portfolio can be viewed at:



6 responses

6 01 2010

Working on my 2nd full year/3rd attempt at project 365, looking to do a year of food! already been doing food since October!!

Good luck! 😀

6 01 2010

That is a really great way to analyze the 365 project. Thanks for the perspective… so looking forward to New Year’s Eve 2010!

6 01 2010

Thanks for the insights! I’m a good friend of your sister’s and I am doing the 365 project too. I will post my pics weekly on my blog:

and daily on flickr:


Happy 2010!

6 01 2010

Thanks for the comments. If anyone comes across any interesting 365 projects please post a comment and share the link.

6 01 2010
stacy Ericson

Nice Work! Great beginning to this type of post. I look forward to more. It is always interesting to put a voice to a contact and information for aural learners is compact and precise. I want to see more about the Act of Seeing, how we see, what we see, and what happens when we try to see harder, so to speak. Keep it up.


26 01 2010

Feel free to comment again and talk about your Photo365 progress or struggles. This can be a forum or an outlet to ward off frustration and boredom!

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