Declaration for 2010 – New Year’s Resolutions are for Failing

30 12 2009

Greg Taylor & Kristina : Spring Training Baseball 2009 I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions unconsciously set you up for failure and who wants to fail. Not me.

Let’s face it 2009 was a rough year for everyone – but I can still count the many blessings that 2009 brought me.

2009 was the year I got my health in order and discovered what was really important. (Sidenote: I got fired – not layed off, straight up canned in November 2008 for some BS. Yep, I got fired from a job I freaking hated every minute of. I was bummed for maybe 20 minutes and then this amazing feeling came over me – FREEDOM. I traveled for four months off and on rediscovered my hapiness.) Money, material things and the like are cool – but in 2009 I set my priorities right. I’m no longer chasing pipe dreams and bar plans. That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals and aspirations but they are more aligned with the bigger picture.

That brings us to my Declarations for 2010. These are things that I focus on during the next year.

HEALTH: I will continue my pursuit of fitness. I will continue my pursuit of clean eating. I will continue my adopted vegetarian lifestyle. I will limit unnecessary late nights and make sure that I listen to what my body needs.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I will continue to make pictures at every opportunity. I will continue my pursuit to being the best photographer I can. I will have an exhibit in August for my 40th birthday. I will continue my informal study of the masters of photography. I will continue my pursuit of knowledge by asking questions, answering questions and discussing photography with others.

PERSONAL: I will continue to be a friend and a trusted confidant. I will continue my pursuit of being the best person I can. I will make sure that I tell the people in my life how grateful I am for their love, friendship and support. I will engage in off-line social activities in Tempe / Phoenix with the great people of Social Media in AZ (I will let myself be known to everyone in person rather than in 140 characters.)

PROFESSIONAL: I will continue to hone my craft and ward off complacency at every turn. My focus will be on achieving results that help my clients move toward their goals. I will continue to be a conduit of information, ideas and creativity.

There it is – posted to live forever. Here’s a question to anyone who reads this and to everyone: What are you going to do in 2010?

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