Personal Photography Tipping Points : FOUR Photos

2 12 2009

Thinking about myself as an artist is a daunting thought. I don’t know why but I am extremely uncomfortable with the label. However, I can distinctly remember photographs I have made that made me stop and say I’m on to something. Here they are:

The Vampire – This was taken during a winter trip home. We were walking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the opportunity just presented itself. I was actually unaware what was going on until Amy pointed it out. Her presence of mind and awareness made this happen – I just had all the right settings dialed it. This shot was altered in Photoshop to make the imagery more powerful.

Jackson Hole, WY – This photograph was the first time I pre-visualized the shot and went back to the spot and made a picture happen. I was driving to the skatepark in Jackson and saw this sight. Not having a camera with at the time made this experience what it was. I saw exactly what I wanted to capture and went back a couple of hours later and created it.

God and Basketball – (Gila River Indian Reservation) While driving around in Arizona I just sort of let the road take me. I ended up on the Gila River Indian Reservation about 25 miles south of Phoenix. After stopping to take a couple of photos I found this site. This was one of the most powerful places I have ever been. The spot was perfect. I had a basketball in the car which completed the picture.

Kristina Snake River Overlook – (Grand Teton National Park) I set out to recreate Ansel Adams’ famous photograph. I took about 25 or 30 pictures of this famous spot with my camera in Black and White mode. As I was putting my equipment away I called Kristina’s name and she turned to look and this is the resulting picture. This was a one shot moment that I couldn’t duplicate again (much like The Vampire) photo.

These are the four photos that make me consider myself a photographer and someone who make pictures. I don’t know what else to really say about it. When I look at these photos I am taken back to the exact time and place they were taken – I can’t describe it any better then that…



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