Evolution as a Photographer : Part FIVE

27 11 2009

So we’re pretty much up to date…rather than rehash the last couple of years I want to talk about the future. Besides, if you’re reading this you probably know what the last couple of years have brought me – if not send me an email or comment and I’ll go back and add a 4.5 blogpost.

Today I find that I am shooting photos a couple of times a week and if I’m not shooting I’m doing something photography related. Photography is my creative outlet (I do have a 9 -5) and a way I can express myself. Let people into my world through imagery – by making pictures. (Favorite picture ever.)

I am lucky and thankful for everyone who has taken the time to comment on my pictures. I love the negative ones too. Especially the negative one’s that attack me personally and are so far off based. They show me that I am on to something…

Lucky to have a great girlfriend who supports my photo journeys and often accompanies me. (Kristina at Snake River Overlook / Jackson, WY). Lucky to live in Tempe where there are so many creative people who are willing to engage in open dialogue about technology, creativity and new ideas. Arizona has helped my immensely to become who I am as an artist. Lucky, to be able to reach out to people who believe in what I do and give my the opportunities that may be more plentiful in larger cities yet harder to come by. Thanks to RCPM for their support and access along with all the other musicians who have asked me to shoot their shows (or vice versa.)

Although, I believe my photo future is bright – it’s still cloudy to me. I don’t know where photography will take me and I am not sure of the route I will take. My immediately plan is to enjoy the route wherever it takes me…

My photos can be found at:
Flickr Page

– feel free to contact me on Facebook www.facebook.com/grtaylor2photo or via Twitter www.twitter.com/grtaylor2




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