Evolution as a Photographer : Part FOUR

23 11 2009

There for a while in NJ after all the travel etc. I became focused on a career. I focused on career and sports and a bunch of things that had nothing to do with the arts. I put the camera down unintentionally and didn’t take a photo for a number of years. Why? Not sure…but I do know that the time I went dark from photography makes me enjoy it all the more now.

Fast forward to the winter 1997. A long term relationship I had ended in April of 1997, my grandmother (who I was super close to) passed away winter of ’96 and I was at a job I couldn’t deal with anymore. (Yes the one I worked hard to get and put the camera down for.) I was done with NJ. I needed a life change since – so I packed everything that could fit in my Honda Civic – anything else that was left I sold to a guy for $500 – and headed West to the Sonoran Desert.

Arizona’s beauty captivated me and the logical thing was to start taking photos again. I shot everything once again. Skateboarding, landscapes, desert images, friends, strangers you name it…

I took a job after a couple of years here as the marketing guy for a company in Tempe that built skateparks. The rough part of the job was I had to take photos of skateparks and skateboarders – rough huh? SKATE PHOTOS

I was back with camera in hand and although my interest or passion has never been as strong as it today – I haven’t put it down again…

NExt: Evolution as a Photographer : Part FIVE ’til today



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24 11 2009

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