Evolution as a Photographer : Part THREE

19 11 2009

Carl’s photo of the Vermont lanscape really opened my eyes up to what else what out there. I was no longer a one dimensional photographer (or really picture taker at this point.)

After that I traveled a lot. Everywhere I went I brought my camera. Concerts, Sporting Events, Scenic Drives through our surrounding areas etc. Still I took tons of skateboard photos and the like but I had no limits. I felt like Carl’s photo gave me permission to expand beyond the boundaries I had been constraining myself to.

Truth be told, I didn’t seize every opportunity presented to me to take photos. Some trips were just too long and our travel plans were too sketchy to worry about a camera – not to mention the cost of film and processing.

I learned at an early age that taking concert photos (when anyone could bring a camera into a concert and there were no silly “no professional cameras” rules) was a difficult task. Sian Proctor at PodCampAZ, reminded me of the days of getting back a role of black prints. I learned that with a high ISO there was a substantial amount of noise in the print. I learned that when using a telephoto lens you need to stabilize it from shake or nothing will be in focus. Theses principles learned at 19 or 20 are still rules that apply today to a game that has greatly changed.

It’s amazing how thinking back on my evolution as a photographer how many people were instrumental in this journey. Someone was always around me that knew a lot more than me and they were willing to share their knowledge. There are still so many great photographers around me today helping me out – it’s an amazing community of sharing knowlege and exchanging ideas.

I enjoyed the art so much at this point – I don’t know why I put the camera down (for the first time…)

Part FOUR: Life Without the Camera Before Arizona



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