Evolution as a Photographer : Part TWO

18 11 2009

In high school my interest in photography expanded. I grew up as a skateboarder and a graphic arts student. What a combination. My parents bought me a Canon camera – just a simple point and shoot 35mm unit. Also, available to us was a Canon AE-1 on loan from the Graphics Dept. (Thanks Mr. Goetsch) at Watchung Hills Regional High School (WHRHS).

We would shoot everything. Portraits, skateboard action shots and other interesting items. My real interest in photography came at about 16 when I learned how to develop and process black and white film. This was earthshattering. We could go out – shoot a role of film and for little or no cost we’d have prints. Amazing…

So the cobinationof access to cameras and the availability of processing our own images made my interest explode. Nothing was left unshot.

My friend Ben Cornish was the best out of all of us. (Today, Ben is a filmmaker in Denver but is still one of my favorite photographers.) Some of his photos are iconic images of my younger days. (Weepee Portrait) His eye was better, his tech skills more advances and his willingness to share the knowledge was amazing. To say Ben had an influence on my photography is an understatement.

And so it went – we took music photos, skateboard photos and hanging out shots until one day…

…a bunch of us were in Vermont right before our senior year at WHRHS and our friend Carl Gulbish took some landscape shots. So simply, so cool yet opened so many avenues of creativity. I remember the B&W photo of the running stream with the trees and shadows from Killington – that photo changed the game for us…

Here’s a link to Ben’s Flickr Photostream

Part THREE: Beyond High School and before Arizona



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