Evolution as a Photographer : Part ONE

16 11 2009

I spent a better part of last weekend at PodcampAZ. (The Relevant Media Unconference) The last session I sat in was The Evolution of Travel Photography by Sian Proctor (http://sianproctor.com/) We come a long way in the last 40 years of photography and I started thinking about my own evolution as a photographer.

I grew up in a lower middle class family in NJ. We valued time with each other, family gatherings and sports. I always seem to remember a camera laying around somewhere. The first one I vividly remember was at my grandmother’s house. I don’t even know what it was. All I remember is that it had the cool flash cubes that you had to place on the camera and would turn after every shot. I remember making the cubes flash but never any of the resulting images.

After that we stepped our game up to the POLAROID. Photos were taken all over – just don’t let your subject move. [Sian reminded us of shaking the photo to make it developed (I thought of Outkast) and actually to this day Polaroid insists that shaking the piece of film had nothing to do with how fast the photo developed.] I think we’re talking about 1979-1980 roughly. This was huge to our family. “Hey stand there…” FLASH goes off – the noise happens and the photo gets shaken and then it’s instantly posted to the refrigerator.

Our family photo album was my grandmother’s ‘frige! Funny how my first memories of photography bring me back to my Grandmother’s refrigerator on Tuttle St. in Green Brook, NJ. Photography always takes me back to a time and place that seems like it was yesterday.

Part TWO: My first camera and High School Photography



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