Rusted Root : Marquee Theater / Tempe, AZ

10 11 2009

Wasn’t 100% sure about going to this show until a couple of days before. The Marquee Theater is good – but good by AZ standards. I had been there twice last week and got some security hassles on the last night so I was aprehensive about attending.

We pulled into the parking lot around 7:30ish. A van with a “wells cargo” trailer attached came screaming into the lot being directed by a couple of guys. I knew right away the opening band had car trouble – this is going to be interesting. I was 100% right.

Crowfield was the opener. Never knowing what to expect from an opener – we were more than surprised. They were great. (So good I downloaded the cd from iTunes when I got home.) A lot of energy – good lyrics, great tone, just good fun music.

Rusted Root came on about 30 minutes after the Crowfield set. They took the stage, start playing and I get to work for the first three songs (shooting photos in case you didn’t know.) Amazing night of music. Rusted Root is still that fun loving Dave Matthews meets Counting Crows while influenced by the Talking Heads band we all know and love.

The crowd danced their way through a set of old songs, new songs and a couple of covers. A lot of energy – with a lot people drinking water in the crowd (hint – wink wink.) I have never been to a show where the alcohol / beer line was so short.

Thanks to the jack-ass who pushed me in the back and then hid behind his friends because I politely stepped in front of him to take a photo at the end of the show. All in all – a great night of music and a show I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Photos can be seen in the LIVE Music Portfolio gallery on my new website:

Thanks for the support I receive from all of you for the blog and my photography – it is much appreciated!



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