LUCERO – The Clubhouse in Tempe

9 11 2009

I’ve heard of Lucero and heard them a couple of times so when the chance came to see them in Tempe (1/4 mi from my house) I jumped at the opportunity. Their managment was cool enough to put me on the list and set me up with a photo pass – although one wasn’t really needed.

Jack O was also on the bill. He delivered a straight rock and roll set that disappointed none. A lot people came to see Jack and Lucero was a bonus.

Lucero took the stage around 10:30 and played about a 31 song set. A nice mix of old and new stuff and they took a bunch of requests during the show. Definitely worth seeing again. Good night, great music and all on a Thursday night.

The venue was small. A little weird how they separated the over 21 crowd from the rest. The lights we tough for photos – but I came away with a couple of keeper. My favorite is a Pedal Steel Guitar Photo – click here

I ran into some friends I haven’t seen for a couple of years at the show. After talking to them for about 10 minutes it was no surprise why we haven’e spoke in so long. They are the cool kids. The cool kids that have nothing going on and you’re a sell out if you actually have a 9-5 and a career. Real interesting vibe – wasn’t feeling it at all.

Next post: Rusted Root and Crowfield at The Marquee



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