RCPM : Marquee Theater / Tempe, AZ

6 11 2009

What a great weekend of music. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers delivered rock and roll to a hometown crowd like never seen before.

10/30/09 “When in Rome” Highlights: The band played in full Roman gear and/or togas all night. I don’t know how they managed to do so. The crowd, many also dressed in togas loved every minute of the 2 hour upbeat rocking set. The highlights for me were: “City Girls”, “Louie Louie” and “West Texas Moon” – great set selection. The energy is The Marquee was amazing as everyone was ready to have RCPM play full shows back in Tempe.
photos of “When in Rome”

10/31/09 “Disco Nights” Highlights: Roger and the guys were dressed as The Village People and played all night in costume. At one point Roger said, “I think I found the one thing more difficult to play in than a toga,” about remarking on his chief’s headdress. This set was full of all the stuff I love to hear that isn’t always played. I love Mekong and Nada – don’t get me wrong, but this night was full of old favorites. “European Swallow” to open, “Interstate”, “Buffalo”, “Tributary Otis” and “Persephone”. Just a great night.
photos of “Disco Night”

After one long night of RCPM security started to regulate alcohol consumption and weren’t as laid back and chill on night two. That aside – it was a great two nights.

I want to thank Keara Zito from RCPM Management for photo credentials and allowing me access – I appreciate it.

If you’ve never seen RCPM – go check them out. You’ll probably knock down a few beers and a shot or two
of tequilla, forgot all your troubles for two-hours and leave saying “Here’s To Life!”

Link to my live music photos

NOTE: I saw Lucero and Jack Oblivian last night 11/5/09 and will post photos and a review. Tonight I see Rusted Root and that will follow.



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