20 10 2009

It’s amazing how often my interests in photography change. Initially I started taking skateboard photos.  Documenting friends and what not until I had the opportunity to shoot pros on a regular basis.  Then I went to landscape and Americana photography  – which I still enjoy. And eventually started shooting 35mm at concerts I would attend.

One thing I never shot was portraits. I’m not sure why. A good portrait penetrates a person down to their soul – capturing their true essence at that exact  moment in time. Something happened somewhere along the line and I got brave and started taking portraits of people.

I enjoy all types of portraits. People I know, people I love, pets, strangers etc. I enjoy it all.  Asking someone, “Can I take your photo?” Is really putting yourself out on a ledge.  Sometimes, I compare it to asking someone out.

It’s a moment that you share with another person. A moment captured. A moment preserved forever.

I leave all the technical stuff behind. I like candid portraits. No studio lighting – no effects. Just capturing someone at that moment.

My favorite weapon of choice is my Canon 50mm f1.8 a/k/a “The Nifty Fifty”.

Portraits can be seen at: www.grtaylor2photo.com



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