Local Music (Part I)

2 10 2009

Listening to: John Butler Trio LIVE 7/2/09 (Quincy, CA)

I’m a fiend for music.  I like all genres and I’ve been known to switch it up from The Clash to John Coletrane to Public Enemy all within 30 minutes My passion since I’ve been in AZ (almost 13 years) has been the local music scene.

Most of time here in AZ has been in Tempe.  I have seen Tempe go through some changes – some good some not so good.  The days of Nita’s Hideaway, Gibson’s, Chuy’s and Sun Club (both a little before my time in AZ) and my favorite spot Long Wong’s are gone. 

[Mill Ave. has gone through a transformation from a hip artsy almost boehemian spot to an uptight corporate anchored part of town (well documented by the movie Mill Ave Inc. by Nico Holthaus) and now a movement of change is starting again.  Movement may be too strong of a word but maybe we can call it a shift.  (I got a little ahead of myself here – for more about the “shift” and what’s starting to look right in Tempe will be discussed in Local Music post two.)]

The Gin Blossoms and The Refreshments aren’t playing 3 nights a week somewhere in town.  But there are so many other good bands from our city that are worth investing time in.  Here are some of my favorites:

Kinch: www.myspace.com/kinch (I used a photo I shot of them at First Friday’s for the blog’s banner)

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers: www.azpeacemakers.com Our biggest national act that tours relentlessly- w/ no signs of slowing down.  My favorite band to shoot photos of – (LIVE MUSIC PHOTOS)

What Laura Says: www.myspace.com/whatlaurasaysthinksandfeels Energetic and creative energy at it’s best!

Dry River Yacht Club: www.myspace.com/dryriveryachtclub  DRYC is an ecceltic bunch of musicians that make great music and has a lot of fun.  Their shows are something to witness…

Black Carl: www.myspace.com/iamblackcarl One of my favorite bands here in town but one that I’ve never had a chance to shoot photos of.  One night our schedules will align and it will happen.  BlackCarl has soul and a unique sound.  Another band that is a lot of fun to see.

Shelby James: www.myspace.com/shelbyjamesandthecryingshames  Sraight up Rock-n-Roll with a Honky Tonk flavor.  My favorite track is “Talkin’ Words the Rhyme With Alicia’s Blues” : Classic relationship gone wrong song with a stalker point of view.

Also we have an amazing Internet Radio Station here Radio Phoenix : These guys are tuned in to what’s going on and who you need to check out.  Probably the best source of information regarding shows, bands and local music news.  Check them out.

How to support local music: Go to a show – support the musicians by paying the cover charge – it usually isn’t that much.  If you like what you hear buy a CD or download the tracks from iTunes or another digital fee source.  Talk to band – tell them what you thought of their music.  Get involved…

Part II : What’s going right on Mill Ave.- how to keep it going…




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